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Welcome to FriendlyCraft!


FriendlyCraft is an awesome

Minecraft survival server!


If you are looking for a family-friendly, welcoming community to play with, we invite you to join us!


We make it easy to jump right in and discover intuitive features as you play!


 We have over 50 custom ranks and premium plugins which make classic Minecraft play like farming, selling, catching mobs, ranking up, and interacting with others even more fun!  

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Our Story

Our Story

FriendlyCraft was founded by a gaming family with the goal of creating a safe and fun Minecraft community for players of all ages. We ensure that our server is always running smoothly and that our premium plugins focus on making an intuitive, simple to navigate experience. Our unique ranking system is designed so that there is always more to do, discover, and achieve!


Awesome Features!

Unique Ranking System


We have a custom designed ranking system using the premium Rankup plugin!


With over 50 FREE themed ranks you will only find on FriendlyCraft, work your way from

0/50 [Newbie] to 50/50[*DragonSlayer*]

Ranks are based on playtime and side quests. We are proud that they are fair and not "pay to play".

Mob Catching


Catch mobs and sell or trade them with our fun mob catching plugin. No more tediously leading a sheep across an ocean to start your wool farm. No coaxing a chicken across a mountain!


Mob Stacks

We utilize a plugin which automatically stacks mobs within a certain radius. What does this mean for you?

Virtually NO lag, while still allowing you to build cool Redstone machines and grinders!

Mobs drops and breeding still work like usual!

Engaged Community!


But of course, we know that no matter what plugin or play-style, the most important part of Minecraft is a strong core community.

We are proud that we offer:

  • a lively Discord Community

  • focus is on the game not polarizing topics

  • Safe for the whole family

  • In Game Rewards for being kind / greeting other players

  • Suprise Rank Parties where everyone benefits

  • This supports a welcoming environment for any player

      whether new or experienced!



Check out our server!

Take a look at some of the amazing builds and creations on our server. What will you make? Build something cool and we will feature it here!

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